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New Investors in Stock Market : Problems and Solutions

What is stock market ?

The stock exchange was established in the year 1875. Share market or stock market is a market where shares of many companies are bought and sold. According to the market, there are changes in many shares and share prices also keep increasing and decreasing, here some people either earn a lot of money or lose all their money. Owning shares of a company means that you have joined that company. Due to which that company gets stability and its revival. This profit generation is monitored every second so that the solution to maximize the money and minimize the loss is given.

New Investors in Stock Market : Problems and Solutions

New investors in the stock market have to face many types of problems, the solutions for which are as follows.

How to choose a stock broker?

B.S.E. And NSE. The list of brokers is available on its website. Apart from this, brokers also keep publishing their information through various mediums. But while choosing a stock broker, one should definitely check his track record and if he is near your home and office, then his selection will be convenient. Now many banks also do broking business. Any one of them can be chosen.

Who to choose as Depository Participant (DP)?

As far as possible, if your broker provides such service then avail this service from him or transfer your DP to someone providing such service near your home or office. Select. Most of the bank D.P. Are. Open a demat account with the bank of your choice. You should keep proper records of your demat account and keep the information given in it properly. Keep your instruction slip safe.

Companies, Brokers or D.P. What to do if there is a complaint against?

In case of complaint against companies, in addition to the Investor Service Department of the stock market, SEBI can be contacted. If there is a complaint against the broker, a complaint can be made to the stock market and if the stock market does not provide a satisfactory solution, then a complaint can also be made to SEBI. D.P. If there is a complaint against the depository, the complaint can be made to the depository. In this matter also the last resort is SEBI.

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What is the way to get information about companies?

Business channels, newspapers and economic review companies keep giving news related to this. Apart from this, news of companies’ results and other developments also keep coming on the stock market website. Information is also available on the companies’ own websites. Information from research reports of independent research agencies and brokers is also published from time to time. TV. The latest news of companies also keeps coming on news channels.


What needs to be done to open an account with a share broker or DP?

As a client, the stock broker has to provide you with all the information and sign an agreement. The broker then gives you a ‘Unique Identification’ number. In this way D.P. Along with this, their information will also have to be given. The special thing is that to open an account, you are required to provide your Income Tax PAN (Permanent Account) number. Without this, broker or DP. Account cannot be opened from. Now PAN has become necessary to deal in the stock market or to hold shares.

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